That place in between where an old world or previous way of life has ended and the new one is still a mystery?

This place is also known in the mythic Hero/ine’s Journey as “The Special World”.

Perhaps you have noticed that the rules in this place are different and seem to make no sense.

Like the Wonderland that Alice finds when she goes down the rabbit hole.

Perhaps you do NOT see this place in your life as “special” or “wonderful”.

Maybe you feel lost and confused, or overwhelmed and frustrated.

If you would like to discover why you are there and how to navigate this strange world so that you can get unstuck and move on to a life of unimagined possibility, I am a guide who knows this terrain well.

I have done a ridiculous amount of research into everything from cutting edge science (many branches) to the Ancient Wisdom Traditions —including the archetypal stories and myths that are present in all cultures and our present day books and movies.

I have learned from the real-life stories of both ordinary and famous people who have had their worlds implode and as a result of this unwanted ending, and their time in The Special World, discovered treasures beyond measure.

I was motivated to devote years of my life to this learning because I had my own life implosion and reinvention. I wanted to understand for my own sake as well as share with others.

This transformational experience has the potential to be a game changer not only for each individual who goes through it but it also ripples out into the world. We are collectively on the planet going through this “Space Between Stories”.

So if you want compassionate support and encouragement, as you receive playful yet practical and powerful assignments that are customized for your unique situation, using your personal gifts, and that can be fit in whenever you want, this is your “call to adventure”.

I am still in the process of updating my website and so rather than clicking on the "Call to Adventure" button, please send me an email at with the word CURIOUS if you would like to learn more! You can also see the process page if you want further details.

I look forward to guiding you through this journey to discover the treasures that are waiting for you!

*Charles Eisenstein Essay title


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